I don’t know about you, but my mind has been stuck for a while on the political happenings in our dearly beloved country. frankly speaking, i think more people should ‘put eye’ on what’s happening here, instead of allowing half- baked human beings run around with our hard earned resources! Funny thing is, if we continue to have this detached attitude, 2011 that could potentially be our year of liberation (finally!) would just come and go! thats why as one of the measures to securing the destiny of Nigeria, i am supporting a Facebook- based initiative called Use Your Phone 11.01. The basic idea is to catch on camera whatever malpractices may be attempted, using your mobile phones, wherever you go to vote, then post the videos on YouTube! Shikena! apart from the number of comments you would get from watching a stupid man probably running with ballot boxes, it would show the world that we, as youths, are interested in our country, are tired of all this nonsense and are ready to take a stand! many of us may not understand why this is so important, but trust me, these evil people will die one day (THANK YOU JESUS!) and they’ll leave behind empty national accounts, broken dreams and plenty of has-been stories…do you have parents who tell you how good things were ‘in their time’? i dont know about you but i WANT that time! I’m not gonna abandon my country and move to Canada or Ireland just ‘cos my leaders are irresponsible, self-centered, short- sighted human beings! ARGH! they make me sooooo mad! and another annoying thing is that our laws help to keep us down! WORLD CHANGERS HURRY UP O, WE NEED YOU IN THE HOUSE OF REPS, THE SENATE, THE MINISTRIES, ASO RO…no, that’s reserved for me (*WIDE GRIN*). an example of one of such silly laws is the Evidence Act that is currently in operation and being recognized by the Nigerian parliament. It has been in the constitution since 1946! (what???!!!) This of course means that in the Act, no provision was made for any form of electronic media evidence. Check this out, the implication of this is that if I, a good and loyal patriot were to forward a picture, audio recording, or even video as evidence, clearly showing culprits involved in a crime, the Nigerian Court of law would not acknowledge it! Now you can understand why some dubious individuals would make no effort to amend that Act, and as a matter of fact, would do everything possible to mitigate any external efforts geared toward that direction. The push to effect an amendment right now, with elections being so close might be a herculean task. Rather than try to fight a futile battle, let us sit back and strategise. U see, we might not be able to force the hand of the powers that be to change things but we can individually and collectively take a legitimate stand and be true to it.

Are you telling me that if on the night of the final elections, hundreds and thousands of videos are posted up on the internet by anonymous patriots exposing the malpractices that prevailed; Nigeria and the international community at large would turn a blind eye and ignore these glaring evidences just because of an archaic, backward, primitive, prehistoric..*going to find a thesaurus* Act???
Mother Teresa said ” not everyone can do great things, but we can all do a lot with great love”
We have maintained a silence that closely resembles stupidity, this ends NOW!!!
*NOW, my fellow citizens and patriots, more than ever, the first line of our beautiful national anthem screams at us, desperately calling for our help, and who are we not to answer the call of our mother who birthed us all?
* I refuse to sit and watch my future get stolen like another ballot box!!!
* I can make a change just by making a decision.
* I will be the change I, you, and Nigeria needs.
* I will use my phone and capture it!

The question is………….What would you do?

This post was jointly written by Aniekan & his brother, Ini Nya-Etok, ‘cos we are PATRIOTS and we are really tired of all this BS!


Aniekan Nya Etok is a 21yr old graduate of Covenant University, and an avid critic of everything that is social reality. A writer and Motivational speaker, his vision is to give people a persistent urge to daily upgrade their lives and realise their purpose.

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  1. ‘We have maintained a silence that closely resembles stupidity, this ends NOW!!’ This post, while it did a lot to make me mad at the leaders, impressed me.

    Unlike many out there, it isn’t directed at venting our spleen on the government, but on finding ways to solve our problem.

    Great post. I’ll be able to vote next year and I will certainly join Use Your Phone 11.0.1

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