It has been a while since I have written a political article and I can’t say I have missed so much because following the pattern of news in this country I will just end up writing another OMG not again kind of article. But this recent story is one that even I cannot pass up; a bomb at Abuja on Independence Day, sorry, bombs and I thought the Ikeja bomb blast of years ago was a landmark.
Usually when you watch this in the movies, it seem more catching, security all around trying to ensure the sanity of the environment and oh the news men carrying the story round the clock but guess what, this is so not a movie and none of that has been done. True there have been a couple of arrests(quite impressive) but still no named suspect except the MEND man but they are crying wolf concerning that arrest, so maybe I should hold off talking about that for now. Are your eyes rolling already calling me an opinionated writer? Well so be it but I know what I am talking about. This morning as I was preparing for work(not going to say where for my own safety, lol), there was a program on AIT and two Niger Delta militant leaders were expressing their distress over the accusation(funny they call it that, as their website gives them away but who knows, hackers and all).

According to them, I will refrain from mentioning names; they had nothing to gain by the bombing because they were in support of the current president: in my opinion, support is a relative word so I would have loved to ask them what kind of support they meant. Discussing this with a friend, she is of the opinion that just maybe, MEND is being set up to take the fall that someone else orchestrated and that makes me wonder who will have the most to gain by ruining Goodluck’s chances of a re election by ‘blowing’ it away or maybe, we are all getting it wrong and it has nothing to do with the presidency or the election.

Now just in case you are a Nigerian that is not really a Nigerian, let me quickly keep you up to date with the happenings in your country. Getting my facts from News 24, two car bombs exploded near a parade in the capital marking Nigeria’s 50th anniversary of independence, killing at least 10 people and injuring 36. The State Security Service (SSS) said those responsible had planned a larger attack for September 29 in which at least six car bombs were to be detonated in the “three-arm zone” made up of the presidential villa, Parliament and the Supreme Court. Nigeria’s secret service said on Monday it had foiled a larger plot to detonate at least six car bombs close to key government and security buildings in Abuja days before last Friday’s Independence Day attacks. Impressive, hun? Our secret service men running around with their electronic gadgets diffusing bombs, ahhhh…. but that is not the funny part, what is funny is that they claim the over-riding objective of the group (the bombers) was to scare foreign visitors from attending the 50th anniversary celebrations. So someone spent lots of cash just to ensure no one came for our party or so that the million naira worth of cake will get wasted, I am still wrapping my head around that.

Well, MEND can rest easy for now because the president believes them (as statements in the name of Nigerian militant group MEND have claimed responsibility for the bombings), but Jonathan seemed to cast doubt on the author of the claim. He says investigations show that members of MEND have said they don’t know about it and that anybody who thinks that he can come under the cover of Niger Delta struggle to perpetrate violence and criminality should know that his time is over. “We will no longer tolerate it, we will not accept it, the security agents are on their trail, and Nigerians will soon know the actors behind this evil.” AMEN! Lets hope Chima Orlu and Ben Jessy, the guys suspected to have perpetrated this crime won’t be linked to MEND.

Got to go now but trust me to keep you updated as regards this new situation and it is my prayer that God will fish out the criminals and bring them to justice as he consoles the families that have lost their loved ones as a result of the bombings.

This article is by Bunmi Obanawu

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