Artist- Addison Road

Album- Stories

Label- INO Records

Street date- June 22, 2010

Album length- 10 Tracks: 34 minutes, 10 seconds

Genre- Pop/Rock

IPod pick- Fight Another Day

Please note; the whole of this album is an IPod pick. Are you surprised to read that? Every song is worth the listen over and over again and shows that Texas based band Addison road have matured into an original sound of theirs. Before I go further, I would like to make a confession, I’m a big fan of Addison Road and I’m trying so hard not to be sentimental in this review. The album is awesome. Take it from me. Compared to their first, its steadier, has a central theme that runs through from beginning to end. Everyone has a story and everyone’s story forms a part of God’s big redemption story. The songs are real and you would easily relate to them.  It runs like another Christian friend is sitting next to you and letting you in on what’s going on in their walk with God. Real stories of people on the faith journey plus first class instrumentation and more equals Addison Road’s story.

The album kicks off with ‘Fight another day’ co written with veteran artist Toby Mac. It’s a radio friendly, poppy track. Lead Vocalist Jenny Simmons asks a very important life question ‘would you spend a life time running. .’   also encouraging listeners to never give up on this track. ‘Change in the making’ comes in next, a song about transformation and not giving up on ourselves in the process. Lyrics like ‘. . . Everyday you’re chipping away what I don’t need. This is me under construction. This is my pride being broken. .  . Everyday I’m closer to who I’m meant to be’ would blow your heart away.’ This little light of mine’ is a song of encouragement to press on in the faith. ’Won’t Let Me Go ’follows same like ‘Fight Another Day’ fast and beaty as well. ‘Need you now’ sounds a bit like ‘Hope Now’ from their debut. It’s a lovely worship tune written by the band’s lead guitarist Ryan Gregg. ‘Show Me Life’ is that kind of song you would love to listen to while driving, windows down, shades up, with the wind blowing through your hair. You would be humming along after the first verse. ‘My story’ is an amazing song. With instrumentals like your normal Natasha Beddingfield happy songs, it’s got a spark with it and wraps up the album beautifully.

All in all, Addison Road latest effort is a package of something you don’t want to miss. So what’s the story gonna be like? Are you getting ‘Stories’?

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