AJ McQueen has  partnered with Christon Gray (newly signed to Kirk Franklin’s Fo Yo Soul Records) to release a single titled “Seven X Seventy” as a way to supply answers to issues and questions about forgiveness. The song’s meaning is universal and attempts to addresses real world issues according to McQueen.
“Based on Matthew:18:21-22, this song is the answer to life’s toughest questions,” McQueen said. “Forgiveness is one way we can effectively fight hate.” Not only has McQueen been nationally outspoken about violence in America, he was also featured on a national television show BET’s 106 & Park violence special to share his story to millions watching around the world.
The song “Seven X Seventy” not only comes from the heart of McQueen, but also features artist and producer Christon Gray. “Christon is one of the most exciting young voices in urban music today,” says Grammy Award winning gospel artist Kirk Franklin. “We are thrilled to partner with him to expand his platform into the mainstream.”
“Seven X Seventy” is the debut single off of McQueen’s upcoming album titled Forgiveness. The song talks about the struggles of forgiveness and how to use forgiveness when it comes to relationships with others.
In lieu of the current violence and brutality streaks going on in places such as Charleston, NC, Chicago, and other places worldwide, McQueen feels that this song could help deal with the violence going on in America. McQueen hopes this song’s message helps to make a positive change by, “teaching love and forgiveness to those who hurt you and by teaching yourself to lend a hand by dealing with things hurting you.”
“Seven X Seventy” is available on all music digital platforms including iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, and Google. The full track is also readily available for streaming on Soundcloud.


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