In just two weeks, Kima Charysse’s YouTube lyric video for Possible has received over 31,000 views (, more than 160 comments and likes, and Kima’s inbox has been flooded with messages. The song is going viral and it’s evident that people are craving songs like Kima Charysse’s that speak on God’s power to make the impossible, possible in our lives.

Here is how the critics are responding to Possible:

“This is proof that Christian music isn’t dull, boring and wack. This has a very Michael Jackson meets Mary Mary vibe that I believe more Christian artists should be doing. I like artists who step outside of the normal cliché organs and choir music and try to do something that will bring more people off the streets and into salvation. This song ROCKS!” – I Am Entertainment Magazine

“The new single has an amazing beat and Scriptural lyrics…Kima’s new single is ridiculously catchy and very inspirational.” – Jay’s Musik Blog/New Release Tuesdays

Here is how the music lovers on YouTube are responding to Possible:

“You just reassured my faith. I’ve been praying for something so big that surely it would take only God to bring it to reality. I’ve been up and down in my spirit with doubt and belief, over it for a while now and I finally decided to let go and Let God. You just reassured me that I’ve made the right decision. Thank You.” – marciamarialove

“I love this song!!! It is better than alot of the new ” in ” songs right now… I am 12 and I love it, and even though I might get made fun of at school for being a Christian I really dont care because I know that I am gonna be with Christ one day!” – JesusLovesYooh2

“Wow, this song is so encouraging, thanks for posting and sharing it with me! I feel like God made this timing so perfect when you sent it to me! I really needed it! I am going through a lot and this song means a lot to me now! Thank you so much!” – DannilleRocky

“beautyful song can make any ones day feel good and i am only 13 wow beautyful song of the lord…!!” – TheCloudyLee

“This is an amazing song! So encouraging and the words are strong!! May many people hear the Gospel because of your wonderful singing and may the Lord bless everything you do!” – Willowshine1609

“Even though im not really all spiritual and stuff, this is actually uplifting :)” – TheMegachacha123

“You sound great! Someday I will here you on K-Love!” – Miles15ahead

“I loved it even though I am more into the heavy stuff very good” – theofficialskilletfan

“OH MY I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! You are such a great singer, but it’s the message behind the song that I love, Please keep writing I LOVE you!!!!” – BrookeLovesGod45

Not nearly as interested in finding fans as she is in being a positive change agent in the lives of others; “I want people to know that God is not only cool, but He also loves them and wants to help them through their sturggles in life,” says Kima Charysse on her new music.

Kima Charysse’s new single Possible is currently impacting both terrestrial and web radio stations in the US and abroad.

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