Chatting with one of my very good friends while on the road to Keffi from Abuja. We’ve been friends since way back in secondary school and I’ve been really privileged to know such a woman of immense virtue. I had just started recovering from malaria, so needless to say, I wasn’t enjoying my trip. My head had already started thumping and my muscles felt like I had been working all day when it was barely 9am. She shared with me her concerns for the near future and how she wasn’t quite sure how things were going to work out. Seeking to apply into med school in the coming year after obtaining her first degree in one of the lab sciences, Microbiology, with an honours in her class. Her academic performance wasn’t the issue. Although, having parents who had put in their best to raise her in a comfortable home and sponsor her to get a decent education, they were going to be retiring within the next 2-3 years. Knowing how medical schools are extremely expensive and the challenges of studying abroad especially when you don’t have a steady means of income got her quite more than concerned. Her major bet would be to apply for a scholarship of which offered slim chances. It really bothered me that my friend was getting discouraged about the uncertainty of things that were to come.

At first, my response on the chat was rather empathic, just so I could listen, then like an ember of coal which slowly starts to heat up, I could feel the inspiration of the Almighty God warming up in my chest to encourage my friend to trust God. Although, I believe it was less about her encouragement and more about challenging me to dare to believe. You see, at that moment I had quite some concerns of my own. I had less than a week to complete a school application which wasn’t going well. The referees I picked for some reason weren’t getting the referee forms they were supposed to fill on my behalf, even after contacting the school. My finances we ridiculously low. My health had just gradually started picking up, and I feared that the stress of my little trip might trigger up temperature imbalance again. Part of the money I realised from a little business I ventured into mysteriously got missing on my way home from the bank just about a week before – after tightly securing it my pocket. I did have a fair deal of concerns myself at the moment our chat started.

The challenge was simply this, if I could devote my creative abilities and mental faculties to imagine how the near future might look, why not instead subject them to imagining how God could give me good success. I mean, fear and faith are just opposite sides of the same coin for there’s a huge connection between our minds and our miracles/captivity. On the foundation of our deliverance and salvation, is it not with our minds that we believe (receive) righteousness, then the confession of salvation is made with out mouths (See Romans 10:10)? So, if we could conceive in our hearts that Christ died to set us free, we would receive His salvation given to all mankind. If so, then why can’t I believe that things would work together for my good. I would think about how I would put in the necessary effort to prepare for my scholarship examination, I would imagine how out of the many candidates I would be among those selected and awarded the scholarship, I would imagine how I would get back into school and be at the top of my class, I would imagine how my lecturers and professors would commend the remarkable work I’m doing, I would imagine how my research work would stand out among the rest, I would imagine getting good recommendations to work in good jobs. I would imagine that I would excel in the field God has called me to serve; my writings would bless people; my music would touch lives; my business would yield good returns so I can partner with Him and build His kingdom on earth. I would imagine the success that would empower me to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and heal the wounded.

I would think about the possibilities in my God. If I dare to have faith, then I would dare to work hard for faith and works are one. I would have that great faith, without which it would be impossible to please God. If things don’t end up how I imagined, I would get right back on believing in my God. When He holds the future, why should I worry myself about what the future holds. It’s with the mind that we serve the Lord and I would devote my mental faculties in the service of imagining His endless possibilities (which is incomprehensible). This isn’t some fantasy or positive mental attitude, it’s right believing. It’s not about thinking big, because big is too small. It’s about thinking God; He’s mightier than big. I think God!

Yours with a quill

Daudu Daniel

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