I just closed from my day job where the Federal Government of Nigeria assigned me to teach secondary school students before I could become a bona fide ’employable’ citizen of Nigeria. It’s soon become our rite of passage into the labour market. As I get on the motorcycle that is to transport me to my rented apartment, I open the music folder on my phone and click on the ‘shuffle music’ icon. From his Anomaly album, Lecrae’s ‘Nuthin’ bursts through my bass boost white apple earpiece and gets me turned up (actually, it was a cheap mimicry of the apple earphones that I purchased from mallams in a motor park. It served the purpose all the same). Now I’m banging my head on the bike, nodding to the jam trying to rock the beat. Flicking my fingers in the air, mouthing the lyrics (chewing my lips where I don’t know the wordings) and just being in my own world.

Another time, I’m taking a stroll with my flat mate and we both have our earphones on. I stop for a minute to observe, we’re both plugged in… Plugged into different worlds. While I’m screaming ‘woahhhh…’ He’s jerking to the left; while he’s humming ‘uh-huh…’ I’m stopping to make some feet shuffles to my jam. We’re dancing, excited, totally oblivious to the world around us. And then, just then, it finally strikes me.

It’s true we’re not of this world (even though we’re in it). The call of the believer is to walk in the Spirit. The only way we can do that is to maintain constant communion and connection with the Holy Ghost. To remain ‘plugged in’ to God’s Spirit at all times. We humans are conscious creatures, meaning, we only reflect the world we are most aware of. On my earphones, when someone drives by recklessly, I only pause for a minute to wonder ‘what’s wrong with this guy’, then after a few seconds I go back to rocking my jam. And it’s like the crazy driver never passed by. Without the headphones, minutes after he’s driven by, I could still be pissed.

Similarly, it’s our constant connection with God that enables us to surmount the daily challenges this life’s ‘crazy drivers’ throws at us. When you get plugged into God’s Spirit constantly, you’ll reflect the culture of heaven in your daily life. Get plugged in, praying in the Spirit at all times and you’ll surmount your challenges. It’s not like troubles may not happen, that’s not it all (as a matter of fact, Christ does promise us trials), but you’ll have the peace required to withstand the pressures from external sources, so much that you could walk, not run, but walk through the valley of the shadows of death. For then, you would have made God your refuge.

I’ve wondered before, how can I pray at all times, and still continue with my daily activities. Then, I learnt that I could pray in my spirit (apart from my mind) and still do my job. Same way you could be listening to music and read a book, have conversations and even carry out demanding tasks. It might feel confusing from the onset, but soon you’ll steady into the rhythm.
Get plugged in!

Yours with a quill,
Daudu Daniel

Image from Christianity Today


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