Yes, one day I’ll worship God. Yes, one day I would go to church – no wait, I already do that; once a week. Yes, one day I’ll become a christian. Yes, one day I’ll believe in my heart that Jesus died to save me, accept His atonement for my sin, let Him wash me and live victoriously with His Life above sin and death. Yes, one day, I’ll serve God. Yes, one day I’ll become the man of God that people see and say, ‘please, I want to worship your God’. Yes, one day I’ll preach the gospel. Yes…

I know I’ll do it one day, but wait a minute, what does worship even mean though? Isn’t it the submission of our humanity to God’s majesty? Isn’t it pouring out all that we are into the everlasting arms of God? Isn’t it simply adoring God for who He is and not what He’s done (because that’s praise)? Isn’t it living in and with the Life of God all through the days of our lives? Isn’t worship the way we conduct our business, the thoughts we think, the conversations we have, the habits we repeat because we know God and we desire that ‘the meditations of our heart and the words of our mouth be acceptable to You always’? I know it’s not the songs we hear, although, we hardly worship without breaking into songs – even the slightest glimpse of heaven shows creatures singing.

Before becoming a believer, anytime an altar call was made or I thought about accepting salvation, there was always this slight whisper in the deep recesses of my mind that ‘one day, when I’m much older perhaps, I’ll give my life to God’ and that thought, however vague it felt was part of the things that kept me from saying ‘yes’. After salvation, I was basically a sunday-to-sunday-worshipper. Then I tried to be attending weekly service programs. That helped, but I never got to understand that I could as well worship God on Mondays, on Tuesdays (even after bible study), on Wednesdays, on Thursdays (even after digging deep), on Fridays and on Saturdays with the same devotion I did on Sundays.

Worship, I got to learn quite later, is something we do everyday. Two of the Hebrew words translated as worship in the bible are ‘shachah’ and ‘abad’ which means ‘to prostrate’ and ‘to serve’ respectively. It embodies our entire daily affairs, from the ‘devotion’ times we have in the morning, to the handshakes we give and up to the brief snide-side comments we make when someone passes by. This is a glorious discovery because now I don’t have to wait until ‘one day’ before I can worship wholeheartedly for everyday I can worship. Everyday I’ll worship!

Yours with a quill,
Daudu Daniel

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