Ever had one of those luminescent hand bands? Or wrist watches? The kind that glow at night. It always looked so cool especially when the power authorities do their ‘thang’ and cut off electricity supply (yes, I know it’s so they can ration it to other areas of the locality. But who cares? We just want ‘light’ 24/7). Back in school, it was sometimes interesting to watch glowing neon-green-bands floating towards you as they swung back and forth on the arms of their seeming invisible wearers. The thing with these bands were that, after a while, although they still glowed, their shine got very dim. What I used to do sometimes was, I’ll switch on a flashlight and put it directly on the band. Once I take it off after a few seconds, that portion I placed the light on immediately starts glowing brighter than the other parts.

I got to read a little bit about this photo-luminescence in an attempt to find out the mechanics behind it. It turns out that the luminescent particles get excited when they come in contact with a light source. This charge is what enables them to reflect off light. Make no mistake, they do glow in the day light, it’s just that their light is too dim for you to see it, that’s why they look cool in the dark – because no other light contests their shine.

God is light, in whom there is no shadow (or variable-ness) of turning. Our luminescence comes from the Father (of lights). How much light we radiate is determined by how much of His light is in us. If my theology is correct, I think we were called ‘Light of the world’ and not ‘light of the church’. It’s in the world that there is darkness and that is where we’ve been commanded to let our light shine forth.

‘The world is not the devils’, it’s the LORD’s. Your light is not yours, it’s the world’s!’
~ JT Bakare

Yours with a quill,
Daudu Daniel 

Image from www.dailylifeverse.com


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