I am waking up today with a renewed knowledge that it may be my last!
I am waking up today knowing I don’t have a guarantee for tomorrow!
I am waking up today realizing that my car isn’t accidentproof, my streets aren’t bombproof, my health isn’t sickproof, my life isn’t deathproof!
I am waking up today knowing that all my friends and family that have died this year had plans beyond their expiry dates… the plans are still here but the people are not!
I am waking up today asking myself… #CouldItBeToday?

If it is, then what has been the value of my life?
In what currency shall I trade across the vale and what will the exchange rate be?
Will any of what I value now still be valuable?

If the curtain closes today, will my Life’s play receive the awards for which it has been nominated on the other side?….. indeed has it even been worth nominating?!

If it all ends today what will God say?

Will He say I have done ALL, MOSt, sOMe or none?!

Will He say, I put off what I should have done yesterday for a today I can’t predict and a tomorrow I can’t guarantee?!

What will He say?!

I am waking up today knowing I can change!
I am waking up today knowing I can start now!
I am waking up today knowing that I have woken up today!

I have woken up today knowing I have only a few minutes left!

And if somehow these few minutes get gathered into 24 hours, I will wake up tomorrow thinking….


For: Henry, Bayo, Aunty Barnabas,
Uncle Owelle, Joshua, Sharon, Dr. Akuse, Aunty Okogwu, Chinwe, Chidi, Isaac.


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