When we feel led and empowered to carry out a certain assignment on earth, we often say ‘we are called’. The thing with being called in the literal sense is that a sound has to be made. If you were in your room and I wanted you to join me outside for a particular task, I’ll have to call out your name. In other words, make a sound audible enough for you to hear before you can acknowledge that I ‘called’ you. An articulate call carries within it the capacity to bring to reality that for which it was pronounced. What I mean is, sound creates. This Truth is what is replicated in human existence such that when someone calls you, it creates the desire/idea within you to perform that for which you were called. Of course, there’s the discretion of the respondent to either accept or reject that call. In the ultimate reality, we see this more practically in the creation of the world as recorded in Genesis 1. When God said ‘let there be…’ His sound waves carried the life-force that was required to produce that which he called out. When He said ‘let there be light’ we learn that immediately, light came out. When God said ‘let there be birds in the sky and fishes in the sea’, they all came to be.

When God calls you, His Spirit leads you in the direction of that call. More recently, we learn of the time when the Word of God, Jesus, called out in the midst of a storm for a fisherman to join Him in a stroll on the sea, the physical properties of the waters had to change in conformity to accomplish that ‘call’. An important element you have to notice that enabled the fulfillment of that call is belief. Preferably, I should just call it Faith. Peter believed that first and foremost, it was God who called Him. Secondly, he believed that if it was God who was truly calling Him, then it meant He could do it.

Understanding the physical nature of the elements God has created on earth, we know it’s impossible to walk on water in this fallen world. However, we see that God’s call creates in earth the capacity to fulfill what He says for He can never lie. Once He says it, it is done. It seems to me that His voice carried an apostrophe such that an impossible situation became possible. When you take an apostrophe and put it in between the letters ‘i’ and ‘m’ in the word ‘impossible’, it becomes ‘I’mPossible’. With the Word of God, impossible is nothing for I can do all things He says I can. If God says it and I believe it, then I AM POSSIBLE!

Yours with a quill,
Daudu Daniel


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