I’ve seen a great divorce in our churches all of which most certainly stems from the plaguing conditions of our hearts. For the church isn’t the building but the individual; the church is us. The funny thing is that each side of the break up thinks they’re right and deserve independence. Oddly enough, that’s true, the people are just too limited in perspective to understand how.

One party says we should work for God and forget all else. They’re quite consistent in their duties, which I must say is very remarkable, and they keep at whatever instructions they’ve been given. They come to the sanctuary on time. Do whatever they have to do and leave when they’re done. They are quite mechanical and approach their assignments with a rote mindset. They pester you to be a ‘worker’ and continually remind you how you’re ‘backsliding’ if you aren’t doing so.

The second party says we should love God and forget all else. They’re quite intimate in their approach to God which I must say is very adorable. They tell you how they just love God and can’t do without Him. They mention how He speaks to them and overwhelms them with His manifest presence. Reminding you of the warmth of God’s love like a blanket in the harmattan. They point out how they like their solace and constantly enjoy God, but can’t be running up and down. What they prefer to chase is the heart of God, just like the Deer pants…

But excuse me, whoever told us that the work of the Lord is different from the Lord of the work? If not for varying lengths of pride entangled in childish stature, why else would we divorce the two concepts as if they are not both one and the same thing. The same way faith and works are one, likewise Love and deeds are the same. They don’t go hand-in-hand, because that would suggest they are different, they instead are heart-and-hand. You don’t separate actions from the spirit that inspires the reason for such actions. They are one and the same! You can’t love God and choose not to do His work. Only children do that; wanting to lay in their father’s arms all day and refusing to go clean up the house. That feeling remains because pride makes them assume an un-teachable posture.

He who seeks to be a true son (ladies are called to be sons too because a son is a builder of the kingdom) of God, must bridge these two in his/her heart. Love God and do His work.

Your with a quill,
Daudu Daniel


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