From all corners of the country, carefully selected psalmists lined up to lead the nation in an uncommon spirit-filled and oil-dripping session of worship. The event took place at This Day Dome in Abuja on October 3rd 2015, which was two days after the Independence day celebration of Nigeria.

The excitement however was still in top gear as this event marked a day of a new dawning for Nigeria and everyone.

Ministers like Buchi, Kingsley Ike, Lara George, Solomon Lange, Eli-Jay, Chris Shalom, Lucy Mohammed and many others graced the stage to sing, perform and bless the lives of those who were present at this grand gathering.

Even the streets were deserted.not only because it is their custom in Abuja to leave the city at weekends, (especially for the independence holidays) but also for fear of terrorist attacks after bombs had gone off at two separate locations in the city.

What the people demonstrated was nothing but a show of Love — Love of the master for whom

they gathered.

The Party After The Party

If there is anything better that a great party, it’s another great party.

Buchi: Live in concert was a beautiful worship experience that wrapped up

with a reggae party. Gospel reggae icon Buchi and gospel reggae sensations

like Papa English, Muma Lucy thrilled the beautiful people.

Here are exclusive pictures from the mighty groundbreaking event. Enjoy!

Veno Marioghae Tosin Representative of Benue state GOV. Pst Nathaniel

Reggae party MISTARPUSH Lara George

IMG_6043 IMG_6042 IMG_6040

IMG_6039 IMG_6038 IMG_6036

IMG_6022 IMG_6016 IMG_6013

IMG_6012 IMG_6007(1) IMG_6003 IMG_5998

IMG_5964 IMG_5960 IMG_5952 IMG_5890

IMG_5887 IMG_5872 IMG_5870

IMG_5867 IMG_5851 IMG_5848 IMG_5847

IMG_5830 IMG_5829 IMG_5827 IMG_5825

IMG_5821 IMG_5788 IMG_5786 IMG_5783Da Supreme Eli-Jay IMG_5472 IMG_5754

Compere -Pastor Dinatu backup singers Buchi welcoming Maj. Gen. Pat Akem


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