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by Ifemidayo OdekunleApril 3, 2015

No Choice is the third single from Trant’s upcoming release due out March 31. The single features Dre Murray, Tony Tillman, and Corey Paul with production by Frank Boi.

In life we have trials that come up, and we feel like there is no choice. But just like Abraham, God will provide the ram. He is our provider, that we need to look to; to make the right choice.

Trant “No Choice (feat. Dre Murray, Tony Tillman, & Corey Paul)”

Pre-order at iTunes:

Trant is running a promo for all pre-orders. He’s giving away a Playstation 4. To enter for a chance to win, post a screenshot of your pre-order purchase on or on Twitter and Instagram and tag @mr_trant. The winner will be announced on the release date of March 31, 2015.

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