“Throne Room” by TONIA, is a worship song that stems from a project channeled towards Global Impact; with a fundamental “Throne Room Experience” in worship of the Most High God.
It is a song that draws you into an atmosphere of worship, grabs you and keeps you worshiping all day long.
It is without doubt a song with a very rich performance and melody; delivered via an extremely deep scriptural excellence and consistence to give a true live worship experience with all focus on God Almighty!
‘TONIA has a strong and attractive vocal tone which in this song, she garnishes with deep heartfelt lyrics; melodious and heart warming to the soul. The rich instrumental accompaniment is especially memorable, no doubt, with the distinctive saxophone blasts from the very beginning.
The performance quality is high throughout both vocally and instrumentally.
Overall, the song is a worship song I strongly recommend to start your day in God’s presence!

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