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NEW MUSIC: Randie – ”This Love” (with Lyrics) Prod. by Johnny Drille |@randiedaniel

by Ifemidayo OdekunleNovember 23, 2015
‘Though we are incomplete, God loves us completely. Though we are imperfect, He loves us perfectly. Though we may feel lost and without compass, 
God’s love encompasses us completely. … He loves every one of us, even those who are flawed, rejected, awkward, sorrowful, or broken”. 
Those words best explains brand new music ”This Love” by upcoming urban contemporary and RnB singer, Randie Daniels, popularly known as Randie. 
Randie is famous for his unique sound and his melodious voice, not forgetting his songwriting skill as well. Randie started

singing in Church
when he was 8 years old, and ever since, there is no looking back for him,
as he has decided to bless lives with his music.
Here is his debut single titled ”This Love”. This touchy RnB track is about the unconditional love of God towards us. You want to have this song your playlist.
Produced by johnny Drille.
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”This Love” Lyrics
Verse 1
Even if I don’t come close to you,
you always on my mind,
At times I act as if I don’t care,
You always on my mind,
i’ve strayed away sometimes,
still I come running back,
to you my rock and shield,
i’ll put my trust in you,
cause you’re all I need,
nobody else but you,
just like the sun,
you light up my life
your love for me,
I can’t comprehend,
Wetin I for do?
If it wasn’t for u,
cause I know and I know and I know,
that u gat me,
You’ve been there for me,
when I don’t even care,
love me still,
when I don’t deserve your love,
carried me,
when I needed a shoulder,
this love is all I need,
yeah yeah
Verse 2
your love is so sweet and true,
I don’t wanna loose your love,
cos I just can’t get enough,
at times I ask myself,
who I am?
That you love me this much
your stand fast love extends,
to the sky above,
that’s why I look to you,
your faithfulness reaches to the clouds,
you’re the brook,
that will never runs dry,
just like the sun
u light up my life,
your love for me,
I can’t comprehend,
Wetin I for do?
if it wasn’t you,
cos I know and I know and I know that you gat me
back to chorus,
lord I know that you gat my back,
nothing else can change,
the love you have for me
Unconditional love is what you’ve shown to me,
is what you’ve shown to me,
back to vamp and Chorus till fade.
Ifemidayo Odekunle
I am strongly choleric (ambitious and leader-like), yet deeply sanguine (pleasure-seeking and sociable). I smile always, that most times people love me simply because of that. I’m a hopeless romantic with a very practical streak. I love getting things done and internally motivated to succeed. I value relationships, honour, truth, wisdom and purpose. I’m in love with God, moral talks and can carry on a conversation thread all day in which thirst for learning drives me, while multitasking.

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