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by Ifemidayo OdekunleJuly 10, 2015

Sheena Lee releases her new single “I Win” featuring production by Chris “Rock” Belmont and Edgar “Edy Magic” Lagares (JahRock’n Studios).

Sheena shares, “This song on so many levels is a message that I truly believe we all need to hear. Moment of Transparency: At one point I wanted to give up! I mean really throw in the towel. I felt like I had just about enough with all the things I’ve seen and experienced in my years of ministry. I was hurt to the very core so I disconnected and pulled away. I became unsure of myself, who I was and felt utterly lost. I got to a point where I was so tired and disgusted of being depressed, that I cried out to God wanting and needing a new experience/season that was no longer dry and desolate. I praise God because I am so grateful today that season of my life is long gone. God swept in at the right time (His time) and restored the boldness & confidence I once had. He reminded of who I am in Him and what I was called to do. “I don’t have to fight because “I WIN”/ All I have to do is put all of my trust in Him/ When I’m at my end/ I know that’s where He begins/ That’s the only way we WIN. Be encouraged!

Ifemidayo Odekunle
I am strongly choleric (ambitious and leader-like), yet deeply sanguine (pleasure-seeking and sociable). I smile always, that most times people love me simply because of that. I’m a hopeless romantic with a very practical streak. I love getting things done and internally motivated to succeed. I value relationships, honour, truth, wisdom and purpose. I’m in love with God, moral talks and can carry on a conversation thread all day in which thirst for learning drives me, while multitasking.

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