A lot of times we simply sit in church listen to the preacher talk about Jesus’s Death, Burial and Resurrection and we feel sober but when out we seem to miss the point why He came died and rose. It’s not just a display of power but the life, the essence of the sum. He died and rose declaring us FREE, RIGHTEOUS, FORGIVEN, HEALED, PROSPEROUS, SOUND MIND. …that we might in turn STAND IN THE FINISHED WORKS of what He did for us not just in mental knowledge but in the AUTHORITY of His power over our everyday challenges to standout victorious.
Uber talented Gospel recording act Simeonyy (Achille Simeon), is a creative Abuja based songwriter, dynamic rap artist and an embodiment of talent  brings this to bare in his groovy POWER PACKED New single titled: NA SO E BE meaning AMEN,

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