Cruci-FiX by GAMiE (Formerly Known As GameMan)

Warning!!! Strong Lyrics
Proceed with Caution.
Mixed & Mastered by S.T.O (@stobeats_)


I’m crazy when I do the dance for the king,
Got my praise on,
My spirit soul and body gon sing
Like a child on a swing
Yes I ride on his wings
Overwhelmed by the feeling as my eyes get a glimpse of his glory, holy, yeah I got a story, but first you gotta know know the wisdom of this world is folly
Interception; a misconception has been identified so we gotta break the deception
Clear the reception you gotta understand the reception I mean its all about the signal gotta check connection
The wedding reception, I’m talking bout Christ and the church in the court  to reconcile the accused and the judge
Not guilty! free from curse of the law
I heard grace made bail he corrected my flaws
power to the people can i hear a round of applause breaking the claws/clause
In other words this deal is off.
Operation terminated no longer validated elevated more like I graduated from that life of sin never thought I win never thought i win, glory to God let the praise begin


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