The name is Ayobami Wright, professionally known as Awizz. He hails from Lagos state. A graduate of Industrial Chemistry from Caleb university, Imota, Lagos.

A rapper that is a Christian. A writer that is a Christian. Started rapping in 2009/2010 with a group called DOMACK.

Self discovery was inspired by his desire to live a purpose fulfilling life. He’s been trying to know the reason for his existence. In his words, ” In my search, I’ve found out that purpose is attached to passions, talents/gifts. And also that one must know God before one can truly discover and fulfill purpose.  I’ve discovered the talent of writing and rapping for a long time now but I’ve been uncertain whether people will take me serious or listen because there are many people doing music these days.”

So in ‘Self Discovery’, he’s breaking out of that uncertainty and discovering,  developing and doing his thing regardless of whoever is doing it too. There’s still a lot to discover and he’s on that journey. The sky’s wide enough for all to fly in!

Produced by Ona (at GospelNaija Studios)



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