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New Music: Alex Faith & Dre Murray visual album stream “Southern Lights: Overexposed” (@alexfaithATL @dremurray22 @CollisionRecs @sohhpr)

by Ifemidayo OdekunleApril 24, 2015

outhern Lights: Overexposed – The Visual Album is the first ever short film featuring the entire track list of a recorded album. Instead of just creating 10 music videos for each track, similar to what Beyonce did for her surprise release, for the first time, we decided to create a cohesive body of work, tying together a complete storyline amongst the various scenes, which by themselves can stand alone as featured videos for each soundtrack. It’s unlike anything else out right now, from the quality of work to the messaging in the music, Southern Lights: Overexposed – The Visual Album is something truly unique. After the release period, we will cut each video and release them separately, which viewers can then tie back together to experience again.

Directed by William Thomas of Space Cherry Films.

Watch Southern Lights: Overexposed visual album stream


Alex Faith & Dre Murray “Southern Lights: Overexposed” hits stores April 28, 2015 via Collision Records.

Pre-order at iTunes:

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