Worship is not just slow songs and lifting holding hands in worship; it is an experience that every Christian needs to experience. Isabella’s You are my Passion is that album that aids the worship experience. The long awaited album is here and it is worth the wait.

The album opens with “Yahweh,” a mid tempo praise song exalting the greatness of God and the power of his name. The song has a simple chorus that anyone can pick up after one listen. I already see it becoming a Church favourite. Following closely is “Jesus is Here,” a very strong follow up to Yahweh. The lyrics “He is the Prince of Peace, Mighty One, He is the great I am, Jesus is Here.” This is the perfect song to listen to on the drive to Church on Sunday Morning.

“Jesus Be Lifted Higher” is another good song. Not as strong as the songs we have been introduced to but still a good song to jam to. It samples from the popular worship song “We lift your Name Higher.” “Dependable God” and “Good God” are songs of faith and hope in a God that will never fail no matter one’s situation.

The title track “You are My Passion” reminds me of “Revelation Song.” Even though it is a great song it might take a while to grow on you. Still the song is a reflection of what the entire album is about; a bold declaration of God’s love and how His love is expressed through the death of Christ and His infinite Grace over our lives.

The strongest song on this album is “All Hail the King” with Evans Ogboi. The powerful ballad comes in the form of a contemporary hymn and has the potential to be an international hit. The vocals and the arrangement on the song is beyond spectacular. It is an instant favourite.

Isabella has done impressive work with this album. As a Worship Leader she has created an album that is not just an expression of her love for the Creator but a guide for believers who just want to praise God. The album is stripped, bare and vulnerable; showing the heart and soul of someone who just wants to worship.


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