When it comes to issues of Social Justice, the seemingly constant horrific story after another can understandably become very taxing to both the mind and spirit. There’s so much bad news it becomes difficult to keep reading, keep fighting, and keep smiling. But it is imperative in situations like these that we continue to smile, laugh, and experience joy. Embracing this truth, Nomis hits us with a highly unexpected visual to give his listeners a break from the issues that way so heavily on us.  A comical “Mockumentary” video of the creation of the song, “Make Your Voice Heard” off his upcoming album “Socially Just”. Note the blatant jabs at music producer cliches, unnecessary slow motion and other commonplace consistencies we see in so many documentary style videos.

Watch: Behind the Song “Make Your Voice Heard” by Nomis

NomiS Socially Just hits all digital outlets Friday November 13, 2015. Pre-order at TheSociallyJust.com.


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