“Safety (feat. Stephen Christian)” Follows “Resuscitate” To Top of Rock Chart As “We Are Alive” Ascends CHR Radio Chart

The momentum following last week’s release of the first new album in over three years fromFireflightINNOVA, helped spark the band’s second consecutive No. 1 rock hit from the album, “Safety (feat. Stephen Christian).” Named RadioU’s Buzztrack and featuring ANBERLIN’s Stephen Christian, the song jumped all the way from No. 14 last week to No. 1 this week on the Billboard Christian Rock chart. The ninth No. 1 for Fireflight, “Safety” follows lead single “Resuscitate” to the top of the chart.

“Even when people let us down, we can find our safety in God,” shares Fireflight lead singer Dawn Michele, citing Psalm 46:1-3 as the inspiration for “Safety.” “He is our ever present help in times of trouble, and we can be His hands and feet here on earth to others who are hurting.”

In addition to the rock singles, the album has sparked the Top 25 and climbing CHR single and video, “We Are Alive,” as INNOVA continues to garner critical acclaim.


Named “Artist of the Month” by Effect Radio, Guitar Girl Magazine goes on to say, “INNOVA is a crowd-pleaser from song 1 to 12.” FDRMX.comagrees, “INNOVA was worth the wait…Fireflight are back and they are soaring.” HollywoodJesus.comgives the album its “‘roadtested’ stamp of approval” calling it “a fresh new sound,” which is echoed by CCM Magazine, calling INNOVA a “fresh and fruitful new chapter” for the band. NewReleaseTuesday.com says that “this project is…one of the musical high points of the year so far.” Alternative Addictionsays the album has “unforgettable moments…that fans new and old will come to love” while Indie Vision Music says, “Fireflight has established themselves as a force to be reckoned with…From start to finish, INNOVA feels fresh and well executed.”


Fireflight cofounders Dawn Michele (vocals), Wendy Drennen (bass, backing vocals), Glenn Drennen(guitar) and Adam McMillion (drums since 2011), are gearing up to take the new songs from INNOVA, along with its fan favorites, on the road for a busy festival season. Hitting the San Bernardino County Fair (5/28),Ichthus Festival (7/10), Lifefest (7/11), Heaven Fest (8/8), Fishfest Omaha (8/9) and more this summer, the band immediately launches into the fifth annual “Small Town America Tour 2015” beginning Aug. 19. Co-headlining this 35- to 40-city tour with Seventh Day Slumber, and with special guests Shonlock and Scarlet White, the tour runs through Nov. 22 and is sponsored by ChildFund International.

About Fireflight:

Fireflight built a fiercely devoted following across four albums pushed through the major label system, including The Healing Of Harms, Unbreakable, For Those Who Wait (which cracked Billboard‘s Top 100) and the No. 1 Christian Rock Album, Now, which surfaced in Spring 2012. With a Grammy nomination, 13 million views on VEVO, nine No. 1 songs and nearly 400,000 albums sold, Fireflight’s 5th full-length album,INNOVA, celebrates the 15th year of the band. Released independently though The Fuel Music May 5, the album utilizes the innovative tools available to established bands in 2015 for a modern take on a timeless alt-rock sound.


Launched by a bevy of fans through a PledgeMusic, crowd-funding campaign that hit 125% of its goal, and crafted during a season of pain, uncertainty and frustration, INNOVA broadens Fireflight’s sound to exhilarating new heights without losing the core personal connection to their past. Fans enamored by Imagine Dragons, Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry and the more adventurous post-Britpop of Coldplay, will all be invigorated by Fireflight‘s new album.

For more information on Fireflight and INNOVA, as well as its touring, go to www.Fireflightrock.com,@Fireflightrock, instagram.com/Fireflightrock, www.youtube.com/user/Fireflightrock andwww.facebook.com/Fireflightrock, where the band has more than 453,000 likes.

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