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by Ifemidayo OdekunleApril 19, 2015

“Living good with closed eyes…dreaming” is part of the chorus in City of Nightmares II that is melodically sang by featured artist Ada-L; talking about the pleasure one has and fights to keep in ignorance while they are heading straight for destruction.

Dre opening the song with, “wake up, wake up, mindset cake up, cake up, gotta get a couple dollars before I get followed in a white van take up…I then traded life for my soul…” speaks to the reality of what Alex and Dre would say a nightmare is. It is not things going wrong, but it is things going great according to the rules of your hood, while the rules of God are forever ignored, and the belief that because things are “good” now, that they it’ll be all good then.

Ultimately this song challenges, in a gritty, picturesque way that nature and nurture do not matter. God who can rescue you from all that you’ve come to know, and even being empathetic to the darkness that many are born into, Alex and Dre want them to realize the broad pathway apart from God and eventually toward HELL––the worst nightmare.


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Alex Faith & Dre Murray “Southern Lights: Overexposed” hits stores April 28, 2015 via Collision Records.

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