As most of you may have already heard, Dr. Myles Munroe and his wife, along with 7 other people, lost their lives when their plane crashed near the Grand Bahamas International Airport.  Dr. Myles Munroe was a renown figure in the Faith Based Community.  For many, his death struck a chord, as his messages, books, and life has inspired millions across the world.   At this time, I think it goes without saying that those close to him, including family, friends, and his congregation, could definitely use prayer as they deal with this tragic loss.

The loss of Dr. Myles Munroe has not gone without controversy.  Unfortunately, many people, Christians and non-Christians alike, have taken his death as an opportunity to voice their opinion about his beliefs, his sermons, and his doctrine.   Over the last 12 hours, I’ve seen statuses and tweets along the lines of “He got what he deserved”, “He’s definitely going to hell”, “That’s what happens when you preach a gospel that’s not the true gospel”, along with many others.

I am writing this blog as somebody who does not have a strong opinion either way about Dr. Myles Munroe.  I never proactively followed his work other than watching a few videos here and there, along with seeing excerpts periodically from different church services I’ve attended as I’ve traveled.  So while some people have attributed their entire or a majority of their faith walk to his teachings, I never experienced that luxury or that curse, depending on what side of the fence your opinion of him lies on.

This is what I do know: This is not the time for us to put on our black robes and play the role of judge of his soul based on our own doctrinal beliefs rooted in our religious or anti-religious affiliations.  Yesterday, a husband lost his wife, and a wife lost her husband.  Their children lost their parents in a truly horrific manner.  A congregation of people inspired by his life lost a mentor, a father figure, and a friend.  His death, like any death, is a sobering reminder of our humanity.

The reality is this: Your opinion of his life, or anyone’s life, whether favorable or non-favorable, didn’t matter, doesn’t matter, and will absolutely never matter in the grand scheme of heaven.  Your opinion of the way somebody lived their life is pointless when they die.  You are not sitting in a throne on the other side of death stamping your final approval on peoples souls.  You don’t have angels bowing at your feet, praising your name, and recognizing the glory of your majesty.  You didn’t speak light into existence.  You didn’t extract the 2nd genders humanity from the 1st genders rib.  You didn’t create the dust from which your expired body will resort to when you too experience death for the first and last time.  To exalt your opinion as gospel of where the final address of somebodies soul will reside doesn’t make you a theologian, a prophet, an apostle, or an expert on postmortem affairs.  Using somebodies death as a platform to make your voice heard makes you a coward, a vulture, a pharisee, and a person whose malnourished ego needs to feel like it matters for the sake of their inner control freak.  Death serves as a checkpoint for the bonding of humanity, a reminder to align our productivity with the ticking clock that is our life, and to make the most of it.

Say what you want about Myles Munroe if your ego is in desperate need of satisfy that itch of your personal fulfillment.  Say what you want about John Piper, Joel Osteen, Barack Obama, Mother Theresa, Jesus Christ, Hitler, Nelson Mandela, Cesar Chavez, Tupac Shakur, Paul Washer, Sarah Palin, Jefferson Bethke, Selena, Edward Snowden, Martin Luther King, or even Karness Turner Jr.  At the end of the day, all these people either have experienced death, are experiencing death, and  or are going to experience death.  And when death does finally come, your opinion of their salvation will not matter, like somebody elses opinion of your salvation won’t matter too.

Death is the place for many things, but not opinions!  So out of respect, let your opinion of ones salvation die before they do.

R.I.P Myles Munroe

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  1. ‘Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.’ Your passing away, together with your precious wife & associates leaves a sad note in our hearts. Your wisdom, prudence,insight & ability to profoundly articulate the kingdom message,will forever remain as an indelible markin our were a great leader. The earth was blessed to have you walk on it..God was gracious to send us you! R.I.P. Dr Myles

  2. Hmmm….

    I totally agree with the points above. Personally, it still makes me wonder where the person(s) would end up, based on what the Bible teaches me…but that remains personal. I wouldn’t even know if the person was a deathbed convert, so it truly doesn’t matter what my thoughts/opinions come to. Truly no one has the right to judge any soul, but theirs.

    So if you are stamping an approval of a heaven or hell bound soul, over someone’s death…it should be your’s!

    Great post. #RIPMylesMunroe

  3. Well written. Instead of speculating as to the destination of the dead, might we not instead straighten out our own lives and/or relationship with the Lord?

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