Have you ever done drugs before? You know, i mean..just a little tiny scoop of that highly prohibited extra-terrestrial stuff? Whooosh! depending on the grade of what you took, the buzz could last for hours..days sef, some say. That’s an experience you never forget in a lifetime..that is,if you ever survive it. Well, if you havnt done drugs before, you are better off.. but hey..u know what? You aren’t really any different. The awful truth is..We are all junkies!..and regardless of where you get your supply from..the high never lasts forever.. we all need a new fix from time to time..

We are Junkies all right..hooked on a drug called Happiness..That’s the holy grail right there!..The constitution guarantees us the right to life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness..so we chase it! For all its worth. Dont we all want to be happy? Of course we do..that’s all we want! Every single human being on the planet! Deep down inside..all our efforts and achievements are frenzied efforts to grasp at happiness..the most powerful drug in the world.Our definitions and perceptions of what happiness is may differ from person to person..but in whatever form we encase it..its still the same at the end..we all wanna get high off that happiness drug..

But just like any other drug..happiness never lasts long enough. Its there one moment and gone the next. Happiness is an unfaithful mistress..a fickle fan..a fair-weather friend..but the option of living without it is unbearable. Who wants an unhappy life? Not me,certainly. So we chase it again..never getting enough of it to last us through the day..we always need a new fix! So along come the drug dealers..the happiness merchants..who make a killing off our addiction..selling products that offer a promise of lasting happiness..on the mass media..on the streets..in your homes, offices and even places of worship..

They mold our perception of what happiness means and convince us to get a quick fix for our happiness-addiction..they offer us happiness-pills in the guise of fashion, technology,education,politics,luxury items,entertainment and religion..yes,religion..they all promise happiness in their own ways..but these sources never live up to their manifestoes (pardon the pun)..we acquire..we achieve..we party..we worship..and we are happy..but only for a season..then its right back to reality.

Our desperate search often leads us down the path of romance..its a small wonder songs and movies about love sell the highest..it holds the most insincere promise of happiness..and we buy into the myth of “falling in love and living happily ever after”..but here again we are disappointed..love also brings its own share of troubles..there is no such thing as “happily ever after”..Love is hardwork..and not the bed of roses we were made to believe it was..so where do we run to?

Well, we must realize that happiness was never meant to last for more than a spell..it can hardly sustain itself, talk more a human being. Its only a drug,my friend. Go beyond the drug and find the source..then you will never need to get a new fix again. Wise up, Papi..God created happiness and gave man the capacity to reach for it and enjoy it..but not to be sustained by it. God is the true source of happiness and heaven is a moment of happiness multiplied by infinity and taken to the depths of infinity. Be smart,o jare! Dump the drug and go to the source.


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Biography of Writer

Rapsodee Da Boomsha is a TV Show Host and Performing Artiste with a flair for writing.His literary and musical works collectively known as ‘The Boomsha Kreatives’ include the ‘Rebel Muzik Mixtape”, “Mavrixx EP”, as well as the #Boomsha series.His stories and songs deal with contemporary issues and influence public opinion especially within members of the urban christian community.


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