I’ll choose to stay up late in the night to write love letters and spoken word poetry about you my love,

To read the 66-book-love-letters you wrote to me,

To write about the beauty of your face when you stood just two inches from me,

So intimately close to each other that the very breath of your nostrils became the air that filled my lungs,

Causing my cells and organs to kick and scream, bursting into life with the sounds of activity as your magnificence filled my senses,

My body ached for your touch.

When Elohim stood in front of the first man Adam to breathe the breath of life into him, the Ruach-Elohim,

Adam awoken to see his first sight, God standing right in front of Him,

God who is love. God is love,

You are my love at first sight.


I can’t wait till we get re-united again at the marriage supper of the Lamb,

Although right now I’m here handing out invitation letters for people to attend our marriage ceremony,

And even if I had 99 problems you wouldn’t be one,

Even if I had 99 problems, you could never be one.


Yes, the world would know that we have been with you,

For our faces would shine from having seen your face; as we behold the mirror of your written Word, we are continually being changed into your very image,

Our hearts would be changed because it would no longer be made of stony tablets but would have been made of flesh, given a new constitution of character, written by the ink of blood that lay in the pen of razor sharp whip-hooks that ran across your back, scattered your flesh and juiced out the blood that gives us communion.


Our feet can now tread on the path of light that keeps shining brighter and brighter until the 7th day of perfection,

We could not be stressed for our labour would have been in your rest,

Not the kind that gets us chasing after fools’ gold, but the kind that yields us an eternal crown,

They chase after it to their own destruction because they do not know that where we come from, it is the common concrete that we kings walk on;

Heaven’s streets, paved with the very lustrous metal that the lost ones die for.


We would be reverent and be relevant,

On your revelation we would remain inspired;

We would remain in-Spirited;

We would remain in-Spirit;

We would remain in your Spirit.

Yours with a quill,

Daudu Daniel



Image from yahwehssong.com


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