My dearest Tomi,

I hope you’ve been great. Been a while since I last saw you. Your replies have been very heart warming. You certainly are right, relationships are definitely overrated and the virtue of patience, down played. I think most of it stems from the false romantic fairy tales Hollywood keeps selling to us. The situation is further compounded as people emotionally launch out prematurely. I believe a degree of emotional independence (among other things) has to be achieved before one should venture into such commitment. Albeit, we are all learning to live.

In your last letter, you detailed a rather unfortunate occurrence that got you disappointed and angry. A very heart-wrenching news. It made rounds on the internet and his actions were absolutely inexcusable. To think that he would blatantly stand in front of his congregation and say it was none of their business was just out rightly irresponsible. Silence of his infidelity would have been preferred or golden even. This pastor’s extra-marital affair is saddening.

However, here’s what I need you to consider, you shouldn’t be discouraged about this mishap, because Jesus gave you salvation not the pastor. We learn from them, we submit to them, we acknowledge and honour them, but just as Paul told the people of Lystra, when they tried to exalt him as a god, they are men of ‘like passions’. Meaning, they are plagued with the very same struggles that we battle with. I dare say, even moreso.

The dilemma of our leaders and heroes of the faith is that they are bleeding healers and wounded shepherds. When you think of a shepherd, the image in mind is a man leading a flock of sheep. Not so with our fathers. They are sheep themselves asked to serve in the capacity of a man (the perfect man), to lead the flock. This reminds me of a quote I saw somewhere that reads ‘even the best of men are at best, men’. We do not excuse nor condone this, we simply are cognisant that though they are icons, no man is an idol and measuring rod of our progress. Christ alone is!

I would be delighted to hear your thoughts on this matter. I look forward to when next we meet again so we could continue in our often rather long discussions, just as how the early church folks did. I remain forever indebted to loving you. Kindest of regards.

Yours with a quill,
Daudu Daniel

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