Dear Tomi,

I hope you’ve been great. I’ve really missed your company. You have no idea how much I want to see you again. You mentioned your frustrations at home in your last email, I know how pesky parents can get sometimes, but it’s still part of the growing process I must confess, believe it or not, you’ll miss it later. So enjoy it while you still can. I’ve written to share with you a virtue that I consider golden. It was prompted in a conversation that sadly, I don’t remember having.

I once stumbled across a question where someone inquired if I would prefer to marry a full fledged ‘church-girl’ or a once-upon-a-time ‘bad girl’, who is now ‘good’, so she could treat me nicely. Although, the reason for this question still remains unclear, here is a better statement of my response:

It is said that ‘church-girls’ don’t know much, hence the idea that the once-upon-a-time ‘bad girls’ are better, because they’ve had exposure. While that may be true in certain respects, that doesn’t bother me one bit. What I find golden in an individual is teach-ability. Not the ‘church-girl’ or the ‘bad girl’. I care nothing for such statuses. I even wonder, who on earth ever thought up such belittling titles. It’s teach-ability that changes a stark village girl into a modern intellectual in the space of 5-10 years. The bridge between not knowing and knowing is simply that virtue. I am constantly fascinated by those who could lay aside their old redundant ideas for new, better and progressive ones. And as regards the question, a teach-able girl can learn to be a queen.

But then you might wonder, supposing one hasn’t been teach-able before, how then can one become so? It’s simple Tomi, do you remember the Psalmist who prayed ‘create in me a clean heart…’? That’s the secret! You see, the point of seeking the creation of a clean heart, isn’t that the man seeking redemption already has a clean heart, actually, he’s heart at best, can only be as a filthy rag. On the contrary, it is because he lacks it, that’s why he prays for a clean one. Not an addition to an already somewhat clean one he had, but an entirely new, ‘tear-leather’ clean heart. Similarly, you ask God to create within you a teach-able spirit. This, my dear, is my earnest desire for you.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this subject. My kindest of regards to mum and dad. I love you careless your opinion sweetheart.

Yours with a quill,
Daudu Daniel

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