My dearest Tomi,

I’m so glad you took to heart my lesson on teach-ability. I trust school is treating you well. Do feel free to let me know of whatever challenges you’re facing, there are always better ways to overcome them. I know school isn’t perfect, but it’s the best institution we humans could come up with to train our kids to live in the sophisticated world we claim to have built for them. It makes one wonder why Adam and Eve chose to eat that sour cherry our people call ‘abgalimo’.

I noticed the questions you asked in your last email were shying away from the phenomenon that most know nothing about, but all seem to be giving opinions on. Hollywood makes a fantasy about it; the promise of a happily ever after from the ingestion of butterflies. I imagine that our bellies must be so big from digesting lies, for it to allow enough room for their wings to flutter without being burned by the stomach temperature and acidic content. This is why I think it’s been so difficult for us to conceive the Truth because we’re constantly being impregnated by falsehood. However, for this peculiar situation, abortion is permitted, perhaps, recommended even.

To the natural man, love is an elusive concept. Our scholars teach us that it is an abstract reality; it cannot be seen, felt or touched. Our philosophers, poets and musicians preach that it consumes us and makes us not want to eat; like a fierce beast facing you, everything becomes irrelevant when it’s awoken. It all sounds so enticing to our taste buds of excitement, but then leaves us shattered and wishing for death when we get heartbroken, because it constantly fails to deliver on its promise. While I would always encourage you to keep an open mind, you would have to wait for my next mail to see why I do not subscribe to some of these concepts, no matter how much they’ve come close to portraying the effect of love, once found.

I would recommend that you do some research yourself before I write you again. You’ll find that He’s more concrete than most suggest. Keep being yourself, it’s one of the many virtues I admire in you. Kind regards to mum and dad. I love you to a million bits and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Yours with a quill,
Daudu Daniel

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