What I enjoy most about the English language is that it is entirely flexible and open to tweaking and manipulation. Discernment is almost always based on context.

Myopia is originally a medical term for an eye disorder where the vision of distant objects appear blurred because the eye focuses on what is in front of the retina instead of on the distant object.

It is ordinarily also used to describe a lack of imagination, discernment or long range perspective in thinking or planning.

 Both explanations work in the way I plan on tweaking it.

Myopia is probably the reason we need more Optometrists working the trade. Growing, I didn’t have a quite conventional culture; my reading habits were not quite age-appropriate (in a positive kinda way). As a result, I became hooked on Readers Digest before all the articles made a lot of sense to me. I was privy to novel allowance and one copy of RD pretty much took up the bulk of the allowance, so I found a shop that sold older editions for less and started buying there instead. But I deviate.

In one of them, I read Angelina Jolie say “you don’t know how big the world is, until you crawl out of the box you grew up in.” I’m not even a Jolie Fan but I find it to be such a relatable truth that I remember it till date. That’s possibly the only quote I have read on the Quotable Quotes column on RD that I remember so vividly (and I have read some really hilarious ones).

The world is really a small place in an overwhelmingly big sort of way. It happened to me. Having read about all those many subjects, and having the pictures in my head, I couldn’t really tell which bit of it was real and basically the vivid imagination of the writer.

Getting around a little more, I started to match these stories with reality. You can imagine my surprise. I had been unable to relate with the stories because it wasn’t happening in my comfort zone, but crawling around was like an epiphany.

I adopted (relative) Open-mindedness to counter my myopic views. Relative because I still have my opinions that won’t go away. Because I have always added 5+5 to get 10 don’t mean that 6+4 won’t give ten as well. I learnt that people have different means of doing things and it pretty much works too. A relatively open-mind allowed for tolerance. My respect for other people’s views on a subject increased, seeing as we were not exactly living the same life. I would need to understand their influences and experiences to understand their choices/decisions/opinions, and then agree or disagree. Tolerance births adventure, that “I can show you the world” (no Aladdin) moment when you discover new things and see things in new light. You are willing to try new things, experiment more, push the envelope and break away from your comfort zone. You are also afforded the opportunity to convince another to join your line of thought.

Adventure births new experience, which motivates, encourages, increases knowledge. It means that half the time when you do share your views on something it comes from an informed place.

Don’t grow up in your small town and continue to live in your small town and marry your small town partner and then talk smack about how hard living in a bigger town is. Have you tried it before?

Don’t sit on your high throne of privilege and hoitytoityness and foreign dining and tell me Bush meat is bleh. Have you tried Bush meat in sauce (before all the Ebola madness though) (sigh, good food gone to waste L)

Anyways, point in all I’m trying to say is next time, when you share your opinion on something, don’t be so rigid and absolute, leave room to be convinced otherwise for longevity and renewal sake. That’s the only form of upgrade we get as human beings.

In the ageless words of Rafiki – “Learn to look beyond what your eyes can see

Peace and Love.

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