Since my 3rd year (and final year J ) of University commenced in September 2010, I made a decision to get serious with working out; ‘gyming’. Not that I was or I am fat or anything, but I have always wanted to look a certain way in terms of muscle mass, leanness, etc. I realised that in order for my dream to come true, I had to put in work; hence my going to the gym almost everyday (6 to 5 days in a good week).

I was so serious that I actually started to purchase and drink Protein Shakes in order to get the physique I wanted. Using Protein Shakes isn’t bad by the way; it provides the body with a lot of protein (to help build muscles) in addition to the amount you eat on a daily basis…for those who don’t know. I have stopped using it now though, because…I might have seen a difference, but I don’t know…it is unnecessary for me I think, so stopped in January.

Going to the gym is quite fun actually, and I look forward to it for different reasons like physical change obviously, seeing some people that I may know, leisure, etc. There is always some kind of indirect competition with the guys at the gym, and sometimes, I partake in it unconsciously (which I need to stop really). There are also those guys at the gym that like to make these ‘growling’ noises so that everyone can know that they are pushing heavy weights, LOL, but it can rather be annoying but I try not to dwell on the annoyingness. In summary, the whole ‘gyming’ experience is fun and even better when you have a gym partner; which can motivate you, etc.

I am now in the best shape I have ever been in my life at the age of 20 years, and I don’t plan on stopping this fitness regime anytime soon; as this is not where I want to be physically – I want more definition, muscle mass, and more tone. I do hope to keep up this fitness lifestyle up for the rest of my life and I personally don’t think it will be too difficult; because 1, I can maintain my physique by eating right and doing mini workouts without going to the gym, and 2, I actually like exercise…so things look good for me in the future.

I haven’t always been a fitness freak, but I workout for me; it makes me happy although I don’t want my physique to define me…so I try not to let the beauty of it get into my head to the extent of me walking around with my nose high in the air, being boastful and my pride as high as the sky. I also do it to look good for my future wife and to also promote a healthy lifestyle because I have seen too many of my peers with pot bellies and big guts, LOL – not insulting anyone who falls into this category, but really and truly, get healthy. Peace!


  1. Same shoes, same shoes bro. Like three years back I told myself if a good body is one of the things I can have this side of heaven then I want it. Since then I’ve been taking baby steps like taking a jog on blue mornings, daily press ups, swimming and eating good. And the result. .. . ‘ boy you look good!’. I don’t and won’t let it get to my head. I am not my body, I have a body 😀

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