Patrick heaved a sigh of relief as the main speaker at the business conference concluded his presentation and called for recess. He quickly navigated his way to the exit beating everybody else to it as he made a beeline for his hotel room.

“Patrick! Patrick! A familiar voice called to him stopping him in his tracks as he crossed the hotel lobby. He turned in disbelief and gaped.. It was Dupe! Same old Dupe! His campus sweetheart!  She hadn’t changed one bit.. Except for the expensive dress and jewellery she had on.. She beckoned him over to join her at the bar obviously enjoying his confusion

“Dupe, what are you doing here” He croaked. He had thought he would never see her again.. not after everything that had transpired between them. They had been the perfect campus couple.. Inseparable lovebirds.. The talk of the whole school.. Until one thing had led to another and Dupe had gotten pregnant. Patrick had panicked.. the mere thought of the public disgrace and the fear of losing the scholarship given to him by his church scholarship board almost drove him mad.

Dupe had tearfully entreated him to allow her keep the baby but Patrick was adamant. He was totally  unprepared for fatherhood and threatened to abandon her to her fate.  She had finally agreed and visited a quack doctor who had done the dreadful deed. She bled for days and barely survived but well.. she did. She had sworn never to have anything to do with Patrick again and avoided him for the rest of their stay in school.

Patrick had carried the burden of guilt for a while until as time passed, he shrugged it off and moved on to the next love interest..although he had to deal with the awkward questions every now and then thrown at him by his colleagues who couldn’t understand what had gone wrong between Mr &  Mrs Perfect.

Fast forward..15years after and here was Dupe.. Still as beautiful as ever.. and she didn’t seem mad a bit..
“You are still as well-put-together-as-ever” He declared
“I wish i could say the same about you” She replied, eyeing his pot belly and receeding hairline.
He quickly sat down to hide his embarrassment.
“So what are you doing here?” He asked again
“Oh, my husband owns your company. I’m handling the logistics for the conference” She informed him.
“Wow” He replied in astonishment
Her husband owned Sankara Oil and Gas!
That explained the affluence she exuded.
“Oh Yes” She affirmed
“I can see you are married too” She said pointing a finger at his wedding ring.
“Happily married with three kids” He chirped
“Hmmm, Well I’m not..” She countered
“You are not what? ” He inquired
” Happy” She replied

Then she launched into a tirade about her husband’s insensitivity and neglect. They had been married for 8 years and it had been pure hell for her. The only thing he cared about was making money. She was his trophy wife to be flaunted at social gatherings and bedded occasionally. She utterly despised him! As she spoke, a familiar excitement ran through Patrick .. He could sense she was vulnerable and needed someone to talk to.. And to be candid, he hadn’t been exactly the most faithful of husbands.. He had his occasional fling every now and then.. Nothing serious.. and well.. having an affair with the boss’s wife would surely help his prospects in the company.. They would just have to be very careful..

Patrick always had a way with women.. He knew the right emotional buttons to was a matter of time before Mrs Sankara accompanied him to his hotel room..and so it happened. The morning after, he woke up to find her sitting on the edge of the bed watching him intensly.
“You bastard! She said softly
“Huh” He replied, shaking his head in confusion
“I knew you wouldn’t be able to help yourself, Patrick’ She glared at him
“You are and will always be a dog!”
He attempted a response but she shut him up
“I tried having a baby for 8yrs, Patrick! Eight years! And you know what the doctors said? ”
” They said the abortion had totally destroyed my womb! The abortion u forced me to do! You animal! ”
” My husband refused to grant me a divorce just to punish me for keeping it a secret from him”
“You are the reason I’m in this hell, Patrick! I swear you will get what’s coming to you”
“What goes around comes around! ” She cried as she stormed out of the room.

Patrick watched her go with a mixture of shame and relief.. Wow! She hadn’t forgiven him after all . When the 3-day conference ended, Patrick caught the next available flight back home eager to see his family again.. but As he boarded the plane, a nagging thought troubled his mind. If Dupe hated him that much, then why had she slept with him? He was soon to find out the answer as he entered his house. The whole place was strangely quiet and empty except for the day’s newspaper on the kitchen table..

The headlines said it all.. The wife of a popular business tycoon had leaked her sextape with her husband’s employee to the press!
In shame, her husband had granted her the divorce she sought. The scandal was on every gossip mag, tabloid and blog! Patrick didn’t need a prophet to tell him he would no longer be welcome at his place of work. Also his heartbroken wife had moved out with their three children. He broke down in tears and wept..The circle was now perfect.



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