The sun was out in its full regalia of warmth and brightness, reminding us that its position still remains uncontested. Grinning from ear to ear as though he expected us to return the compliment. Nevertheless, we all came out excitedly to enjoy the morning glory, with most people sticking to the shades provided by the street umbrella trees between work interval points.

Our youth church was celebrating her first year anniversary and as part of the line up of activities, we decided to make that saturday a community project. Fully suited up in our lovely designed anniversary polo shirts and red rubber gloves, we came out to clean our street. Picking up pieces of dirt carelessly loitering about and dumping them in the garbage disposal cans provided by the AEPB. By the time we were done, we called in the Environmental Agency to request for their garbage disposal truck to come rid the streets of the thrash (of which arrangements had been made hitherto). A few onlookers stopped their activities to stare at us, while some of the residents commended our efforts. It was a fun experience.

I strongly believe that as kingdom people, we are called to carry out street-clean-up-community-projects. Here’s what I mean: the great commission says ‘GO’… But to where? To Church? Or to the world? I’m quite sure you know what the answer to that question is. We do know that for a society to stand and grow, certain institutions must be in place. Institutions or major spheres of influence that govern human activity in those areas of settlement. These major pillars that govern societal life are majorly categorised into:

1. Spiritual/Social
2. Government/Politics
3. Business/Economy
4. Education
5. Media
6. Culture/Entertainment and
7. Sports

I remember the exciting track races we had during the inter-house sports games we hosted back in secondary school. The sports official stands by the starting line, calls out the timing, and with the high pitched sound of the whistle, blowing through the quiet and thick air – filled with the fog of expectations as to who would win – it sets the runners off sprinting across the track. Similarly, when Jesus was about leaving, he staged the ultimate 100 meter-life race, calling out; Light of the world on your marks, Salt of the earth get set… Believers GO! GO!! GO!!! Go into the world. Get to the ends of the earth. Fill the streets. Go leaven the whole lump. Get into the systems of the world and clean up all the dirt there. Shine heaven’s light on the darkness brooding in those structures. Let there be a thorough street clean up. There’s a lot of dirt everywhere, but we gotta clean it up. They say politics is a dirty game, let’s show them that those political powers were ordained by God and we can go in and lead fair and square. You think you need cults to get in? Tell me what power can withstand that of God’s. Take a look at our families, for the most part they’ve been a terrible mess. I mean molestations here and there, drunks and wife-beaters. The church as the bride of Christ, would she be going home to meet her groom beating her up? C’mon and let’s show them how to love; who Love is. Let’s wave our banners loud and proud as we clean up our community; our land, our responsibility; our pride, Christ’s bride. For at our home return, we would be commended by our Father.

‘And seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the LORD for it: for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace.’
~ Jeremiah 29:7 (KJV)

Yours with a quill
Daudu Daniel

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