Nigeria lags behind in its reading culture and personally, I have had my life changed due to my flair for reading life changing books and encouraging people to do same, as I share my books with them.

‘A Book In Hand’ is a platform for people to read more inspiring and educating books, especially those that tackle real life issues. Via this forum, Aimee gets to share books with readers, connect with them via social media to discuss these books, also engaging the authors and readers in conversations.

“Overtime, as I engage people in discussions and most times, refer them to Christian and Inspirational books which have helped me in answering challenging questions, I realize that many of us seek answers to various questions life throws at us, but are yet to find the right sources, hence we turn to the wrong people, the wrong media, and so on for answers.”

Every month, we will focus on a book (and the author), discuss themes used in the book (Love, Faith, Healing, Miracles and so on), major lessons learnt in the book, and characters involved; as well as particular points of connect as it relates to the life of the reader at the point of reading the book.

Four Graced persons will get a book from Aimee monthly, beginning July 6 with Karen Kingsbury’s “Angels Walking”… If you’re interested in sharing this reading & reviewing experience with me, then HOLLA!!! And I would invite you via Social media to #ABookInHand forum.

Your copy of the book will be couriered to you with the following terms:

The book must be read within 2 weeks, and by the 3rd week, we would engage in a Social Media review…

As we read, we all can converse with one another in the right circle, by sharing thoughts, lessons, key points etc. via social media using the tag #ABookInHand

We intend to impact lives more, getting people around Africa, starting from Nigeria to build interest in reading; thus making us better leaders and individuals.

#ABookInHand is exclusive to, Africa’s #1 Online Gospel Radio Station and sponsored by LaternaBooks.

Articles will be published on our blog with embedded tweets at the end of every edition.

#ABookInHand will:

•           Encourage reading of faith-based, life-changing books.

•           Make reading a social experience as well as an individual activity.

•           Develop verbal expression of ideas and feelings.

•           Encourage critical thinking.

•           Develop the feeling of belonging to a group, being respected, and treating             other group members with respect.

•           Help readers bond with others of like mind or cross-generational.

•           Create time for reflection, sharing and exploration.

•           Create a chance to see others in a new way, by learning of their respective personalities via fictional and      nonfictional inspiration.

•           Create an opportunity to see literature in a new way.

•           Create a platform to engage readers and authors.

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