That’s what she said to me, that I had a way with words. I said you’re right, thank you very much. We were both speaking the same language, but not from the same world views. Our perspectives on the issue at hand were eons apart. She meant it as a compliment, to mean that I have some mastery with the craft, but I… Well, let’s leave my mental process out of it for now shall we?

God, the master of the milky way and the governor of the galaxies, the uncreated creator and inconceivable wonder, He spoke the heavens and the earth into existence. Isn’t it interesting that all what He says is termed the ‘WORD of God’ and not ‘words of God’? (But that’s none of my business right now.) Following the account of Genesis 1, God doesn’t mope around the darkness, complaining and worrying, He simply spoke everything to be. Light, birds, fishes… All of them.

Every successful person would tell you to be careful what you say, especially the things you say to yourself, for they are true. ‘He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right’ the popular saying goes. Our words have the capacity to shape the worlds we live in. There’s a law of attraction in operation, constantly bringing that which we utter. Sound always creates. So yes, I do have a way with words. But, probably not how you’re thinking about it, it’s just that the words I declare create pathways for me. When I say ‘I can’ or ‘it is well’, the way for me to be able to do it and the way for everything to work together for my good are made. That’s why I choose to think the God-thoughts and declare the God-words.

I have a limitless way with words, don’t you think you do too?

‘I have dug up ancient and contemporary history, and I cannot seem to find a champion in any sphere of life that became great without mastery of the inexhaustible powers in right speaking.’

~ Jt Bakare


Yours with a quill,

Daudu Daniel


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